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This hive attracts electronic project enthusiasts in this region. More information on the group can be found in our About and Meetings pages. Members of the group can use private areas of this web site to interact and comment while guests are free to peruse the public material.


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Activities and Events

No more regular meetings are scheduled in 2017. Plans for 2018 will be announced by email. Special meetings of working groups continue as usual.

Latest News

  • ST Technology Tour (2018/01/31) - ST is offering a free event at the San Diego Marriott Del Mar on March 15 2018. Advance registration is the only requirement. Sessions will include IoT Sensors, STM32, and a hands-on workshop on motor drivers.
  • Sparkfun Review of Atmel SAME54 Xplained Board (2018/01/04) - SparkFun reviewed the Atmel SAM54 using Atmel Studio 7 and Atmel Start. Chips and boards are on sale already. The…
  • Atollic IDE Acquired by STMicroelectronics (2017/12/12) - STM has acquired Atollic and their TrueSTUDIO Eclipse-based IDE and plans to make it available at no charge for use on the STM32 chip family. They will not be including support for non-STM32 devices.
  • Adafruit Revives WINC1500 WiFi Shield (2017/11/20) - The Arduino WiFi101 shield is no longer available but Adafruit just announced a lower-cost WINC1500 replacement for it.
  • Adafruit Version of Arduino Zero (2017/11/20) - Second source for Arduino Zero and Arduino M0.
  • AdaFruit Announces Support for Atmel SAMD51 chips (2017/08/01) - Adafruit has announced that they are developing their Feather M4 and Metro M4 boards and will be providing support through both MicroPython and the Arduino IDE.